Powerful anti-spam filter for your e-mail


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If you do not want your e-mail account to be full of garbage mails anymore, you should install an anti-spam, and Spamihilator could be a really good choice.

Thanks to a powerful filter system, Spamihilator acts in your mail manager and your server, so you can be aware of them.

You only have to insert your user and server and it will act together and in a second line with your e-mail client: Outlook, Mozilla, Eudora, Pegasus, Opera, Netscape, and more.

It can be highly configured so if you are an advanced user you can make it to suit all your needs, but if you are a novice just install it and let it work, it will be really useful.

Of course, if it detect an e-mail as spam and you don?t think so, you can mark it as good e-mail.
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